Media & Myth: Mass Media and the Vietnam War at Hundred Years Gallery

©Monica Alcazar-Duarte


Photograph above from the work I presented as part of the exhibition called Red Mist.


This past Friday was the opening of Media & Myth: Mass Media and the Vietnam War. I co-curated this exhibition with Lewis Bush in collaboration with Paul Lowe. The exhibition seemed timely as this year was the fiftieth anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin incident. In 1964 there was an alleged attack by North Vietnamese boats on the American warship USS Maddox. A grainy black and white photograph of the incident was used by the American government to justify the escalation in the Vietnam war.

The diverse visual responses from the photographers’ part of the exhibition originated from academic essays written during our MA at London College of Communication. The pieces in the exhibition are poignant, as the visual and narrative strategies used nowadays are not that dissimilar from those used fifty years ago. To look at the University’s website showcasing more of this work go to this link –NAM. Media, Popular Culture and the Vietnam War-.

While putting together the exhibition I kept on thinking how much need there is to revise what we think we know, as it is in re-looking that we reassess and find new interpretations; new knowledge. Although there could be a sense that nothing is learnt and History repeats itself,  this cannot be used as an excuse to attempt nothing and do no different.

Artists: Jacob Balzani, Madeleine Corcoran, Cinzia D’Ambrosi, Julia Johnson, Veronika Lukasova, Steve Mepsted, Amin Musa, Linka A. Odom, Lewis Bush and Monica Alcazar-Duarte.

Hundred Years Gallery. 13 Pearson Street. E2JD. London

Curated by: Lewis Bush and Monica Alcazar-Duarte in collaboration with Paul Lowe.

We received all sorts of help and support without which this event would not had been possible. Many thanks to London College of Communication, Archives and Special Collection at LCC, SEE Industry Showcase Bursary, Paul Lowe, Richard Daniels, Holly McConnell and Montse Gallego. Thank you also to wonderful Philip Castle for coming up to the talk we hosted at Hundred Years Gallery.